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Guiyang HACC [/ ISO22000 certification: safety of food supply chain the international standard ISO22000 release
International Organization for Standardization ( ISO ) released on September 1st the latest international standard, ISO22000: 2005, food safety management system -- on the requirements for any organization in the food chain. The standard on the global essential method provides an international unified framework, the standard is made from food industry experts and professional and representatives of international organizations in the Food Standards Committee in close cooperation with development, Food Standards Committee was organized by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and who to develop food standards to set up a joint.
This brings an important benefit is that ISO22000 will make the whole world organization with a unified approach to perform on food hygiene HACCP hazard analysis and critical control point ( HACCP ) system more easily, it will not be for countries or relates to the food is different.
Food through the food chain to consumers may be connected to many different types of tissue, may span many border, a defect of the connection may cause harm to healthy of food insecurity, if such a thing happened, consumer hazards may be very serious, the food chain supplier losses are very large, as a result of food safety hazards can be at any stage of entering the food chain, the whole process of appropriate control is necessary to ensure the safety of food is the food chain, all participants in the shared responsibility, they need to work together.
Therefore, ISO22000 is designed to give the food chain of all kinds organization implementation of food safety management system, it can range from a feed producers, primary producers, food manufacturers, transportation and warehouse workers, a subcontractor to retailers and food service links and related organizations, such as equipment, packaging materials producers, clean line, additives and ingredients producer.
Because in the developed countries and the developing countries due to infected food disease caused by severe growth, standard became essential, in addition to health hazards, foodborne disease may also cause huge economic losses, the losses including medical expenses, loss of working time, premium pay and statutory damages. ISO22000 is the international majority support, it coordinated system control of the food supply chain safety requirements, provides a worldwide unique solution. In addition, ISO22000 certification, it responds to the growing in the food sector suppliers certification requirements, the standards in conformity case can also be carried out.
ISO22000 is in the food sector experts developed, it is in a single file in the fusion of the hazard analysis and critical control point of principle, including all types of global food retailers key standards.
The ISO that the Secretary-General Alan: public sector involvement in ISO22000 group development is of great significance, especially the FAO / who joint established food standard committee participation, it is responsible for the food hygiene as everyone knows about the hazard analysis and critical control point system, since the ISO and Food Standards Committee between solid relationship, ISO22000 makes Food Standards Committee in the field of development of the hazard analysis and critical control point and principles of food sanitation implementation is more convenient.
  ISO22000的另一个好处是它延伸了在全世界广泛采用的但其本身并不特别针对食品安全的ISO9001∶2000质量管理体系标准成功的管理体系方法,ISO22000的开发是以假设大多数有效的食品安全体系在已构造的管理体系框架内被设计、运作和不断改进并已融入了组织的全部管理活动中为基础的。当ISO 22000运行时,它将被设计成完全与ISO9001∶2000兼容,那些已经获得ISO9001∶2000认证的公司将发现很容易延伸到ISO22000的认证。为了帮助使用者做到这一点,ISO22000包含了一个与显示其要求与ISO9001∶2000的要求相适应的平台。
ISO22000 another advantage is that it extends all over the world widely used but its itself is not special for food safety in the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system standard of successful management system, ISO22000 development is to assume that most effective food safety system in construction management system framework is designed, and the continuous operation improvement and have integrated into all organizational management activity based. When ISO 22000 is running, it will be designed to be fully compatible with ISO9001: 2000, ISO9001: 2000 those who have obtained certification companies will find it easy to extend to ISO22000 certification. In order to help the user to do this, the ISO22000 contains a display of its requirements and meet the requirements of ISO9001 / 2000 platform.
  ISO 22000是该标准族中的第一个文件,该标准族将包括下列文件:
ISO 22000 is the family of standards in the first document, the family of standards will include the following documents:
ISO/TC 22004,食品安全管理体系———ISO22000∶2005应用指南,已于2005年底发布。
ISO / TC 22004, food safety management system -- ISO22000: 2005 Application guide, was released at the end of 2005.
ISO / TC22004, food safety management system -- to provide food safety management system requirements for bodies providing audit and certification, the ISO22000 certification bodies conformity assessment provides coordinated guide, and a detailed description of the audit of food safety management system in accordance with the standards of the rules in the first quarter of 2006, will be released.
* ISO 22005,饲料和食品链的可追溯性-体系设计和发展的一般原则和指导方针,他将立刻作为一个国际标准草案运行。
* ISO 22005, traceability in the feed and food chain - system design and development of general principles and guidelines, he will immediately as a draft international standard operation.
ISO22000和ISO/TS 22004是ISO技术委员会ISO/TC34(食品)的工作小组的WG8(食品安全管理体系)开发的,来自23个国家的专家参加了工作小组,还有一些国际组织以联络员身份参加。除了食品规范委员会外,还包括欧盟食品和饮料行业联合会和世界食品安全组织等,他们参加了ISO/TS22003的开发。
ISO22000 and ISO / TS 22004 is the ISO Technical Committee ISO / TC34 ( food ) working group of the WG8 ( food safety management system ) development, experts from 23 countries participated in the working group, and some international organizations to participate in the liaison officer. In addition to Food Standards Committee, also includes the European food and beverage industry association and world food security organizations, they participated in the ISO / TS22003 development.

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